Tarotdeck PetraK edition

Dear Tarot friends,

During the yeards 2003 – 2008 I have dedicated myself intensively to the topic of tarot.

I have dismantled every single card according to the numeric system of kabbalah and taken into account the signification of the runes, angel cards, power animals and their respective colour symbolism. The result of these 5 years of studies are 80 works of art, painted in oil on canvas.

My aim was – and still is – to reach as many peaople as possible with the positive energy of these artistically interpreted pictures. I have painted each of them with great love and endurance, which should take the viewer to an extraordinary world of fantasy, full of positive vibrations.

I wish you joyful and happy moments!

Yours Petra Koeck-Reiter / PetraK

Image descriptions from the feelings of the artist.
The cards are suitable for the tarot system of your choice.

The Tarotdeck edition PetraK signed by the artist is available at EUR 36,- (excl. freight charges).

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